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About Us

Heavenly Hiney Diaper Bank was established November 2018. The idea  came when we became involuntary caregivers for a toddler. Faced with the  high cost of diapers and frequency of use, we realized how large of an expense it is caring for a child. We could only imagine how this expense would affect a household budget. We searched to find, to our surprise, there was not a diaper program in Hale County. So with a desire to help and serve others, two military

veterans decided to take on the mission to relieve the diaper burden faced by families of Hale County. 


Our Vision

Our First Distribution Day:

On January 2019, we gave out 2,840 diapers in Sawyerville, Al and Moundville, Al. Within our first year, we distributed 12,230 diapers to families in Hale County.  


Our Vision

Improve the health and well being of our youngest citizens by assisting with their diaper needs.

We Need Your Support Today!

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